Ilana Fox | About
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Ilana Fox


I’ve had four novels published and am currently writing my fifth. It’s very good.

I’m represented by Robert Caskie at Caskie Mushens.

If you’re interested in my other career, check out my consultancy website.

I live in Brighton and London in the UK.

Follow me on Twitter on @ilana.


Ilana has worked for a range of national newspapers, including The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Telegraph, The Daily Record and The London Evening Standard. She’s also written for – and been featured in – leading magazines and websites, such as Grazia, Stylist and Glamour. She’s previously been a columnist for New Media Age magazine and Absolutely South East.

She has also written four novels (all published by Orion Books in the UK), and is currently writing her fifth. Her last novel, The Glittering Art of Falling Apart, was shortlisted for the RONA Award for Best Contemporary Romantic Novel 2017.

Ilana is also a consultant (with a focus on high-level marketing, revenue growth and writing). Her current client list includes figures and organisations within national-level politics and international TV.