Ilana Fox | About
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Ilana Fox


I’ve had four novels published and am currently writing my fifth. It’s very good.

I’m represented by Michael Sissons & Fiona Petheram at PFD.

If you’re interested in my other career, check out my consultancy website.

I live in Brighton and London in the UK.

Follow me on Twitter on @ilana.


Ilana has been working in marketing, user engagement and brand growth since 1999. She’s led innovative departments at The Daily Mail, The Sun and ASOS, and has consulted for high-profile companies such as Trinity Mirror, Arcadia Group (Topshop, Topman, etc) and River Island.

Ilana has also consulted for a number of high growth start-ups, offering solutions through a range of digital marketing specialties (such as acquisition and retention marketing, brand storytelling, social, content, inbound and PR) and management strategies.

Ilana’s most recent roles have been Chief Growth Officer at Create Internet Ltd and Chief Marketing Officer at Audioboom PLC Рleading teams of up to 50 people in global offices through SaaS and revenue growth strategy.

As well as an in-demand consultant, Ilana is also an author (four novels published by Orion Books; she’s currently writing her fifth), publisher (The Brighton Beezer, a community paper launched August 2017), and journalist (national newspapers, leading magazines and websites).