When Jo Hill lands a job as a PA at Gloss magazine, she thinks it’s the job of her dreams. But it soon turns into a nightmare. As a mousy secretary with a penchant for giant bags of Maltesers and comfy shoes, Jo doesn’t exactly fit in at the uber-chic office. Her boss humiliates her; her colleagues bitch about her; even the receptionist ignores her.

Reduced to tears for the umpteenth time by her boss – the gorgeous but vicious magazine publisher Joshua Garnet – Jo knows it’s time for drastic action. She’s had it with magazines and knows that ‘discovering a whole new you’ takes more than a manicure and a new MAC blusher. Jo’s going to give herself the ultimate make-over and by the time she’s finished, the magazine world – and Joshua – won’t know what’s hit them. Goodbye Jo, hello Mia – magazine diva extraordinaire.

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The Making of Mia

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