Ilana FoxMy name is Ilana and I’m kind of annoying. But in a really good way. If you want to know more about me, well – I’m half-American, but was born and bred in Hertfordshire. I moved to London when I was eighteen, and I live in East Dulwich.

I love to travel. I never had a gap year or have taken any proper time off from being one of those horrible ambitious over-achievers, so I try to flit around the world as much as I can, having ridiculous adventures along the way. I also like to sunbathe and be lazy.

I like dancing hard, sleeping, cooking, roller-skating, driving fast, running slowly, and I love writing novels. I always cry when I finish a manuscript, and I love talking to my readers. If you are one, get in touch. You can find me on Twitter – I’m @Ilana. x

My Favourite Things (right now)

  • To drink: Water. Spiced rum. Gin. Champagne. Coffee. But I don’t really drink alcohol much, so I just drink water. Our bodies are mainly made up of water, you know – we are full of tears.
  • To listen to: Depends on my mood.  But always KISS, The Velvet Underground, Def Leppard, Band of Skulls, Veruca Salt, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Tom Petty, Alice Cooper … my can tell you a bit more.
  • To eat: I mainly eat things like chickpeas and lentils. I stopped eating red meat when I was 11 (I was a self-righteous child who forgot to start eating animals again and now I can’t contemplate doing it) and I hate eggs. Despise them, actually.
  • To do: Get up to no good with friends. Argue with people who are wrong. Attention seek (not really, but I often look like I am so I may as well pretend it’s intentional). Write. Come up with amazing business ideas that I’ll never do as I don’t have the time (and don’t say I could make the time, I tend to work 6 day weeks at the moment).

Latest bio if you’re looking for one:

Ilana’s fourth novel, THE GLITTERING ART OF FALLING APART, is out now (Orion Books).

Ilana is the CMO at audioBoom PLC. Previously she managed the community and launched reader comments on the Daily Mail website, and then did the same for The Sun with a replatforming project. She also developed and launched all the social media for, and has consulted for Trinity Mirror (The Mirror, The Daily Record, etc) Arcadia Group (Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, etc), River Island, and a range of smaller retailers and start-ups including (the first venture-backed online community in the UK in 2000), Shopcade, (a social commerce platform) and Unbound (a crowdfunding book publishing platform).

Ilana is also a writer and has had features in several newspapers including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, and the Evening Standard, and she also had her own digital column in NMA magazine (between 2010 and 2011) and wrote a monthly column for ABSOLUTELY DULWICH and ABSOLUTELY SOUTH-EAST magazines (2013-2014)

Ilana has had four novels published by Orion Books – the previous three being THE MAKING OF MIA (2008), SPOTLIGHT (2010), and ALL THAT GLITTERS (2012).  A short story, A ROAD-TRIP TO REMEMBER, was published summer 2013 as part of the SUNLOUNGER anthology, and a second story WE FOUND LOVE, was published summer 2014.

When not being a workaholic, Ilana is training to become a competitive rifle shooter and is a member of the British Sporting Rifle Club.

And I think that’s it. Send me a nice present.

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